Influence Your DNA So It Brings You Health, Not Disease

Cindy Kirchhoff

The way to wellness isn’t carved in stone. It’s more like molded out of sand. The good news? Sand changes, and so can you. At any age. At nearly any stage of wellness or unwellness.

The science of epigenetics tells us that what will most impact how the whopping majority of your cells behave is … you. What you do today and tomorrow is what influences those cells to help you live well. Or bring you disease. When I say whopping majority, I seriously mean a huge number: At least 90 percent. Some scientists even say you can influence nearly 98 percent of your cells in whether they will end up expressing health — or disease.

Just think: You can enable your cells to be well. You! You and your lifestyle are the critical factors. Nope, don’t groan. That’s good news. Seriously.

If you’re thinking this means that, sure you can build a lifestyle that helps you live well, but that also will equal a life filled with restriction and unfun stuff, that’s just not the case. Radicalness has been preached in the wellness arena long enough. It can work, sure. But it’s difficult and often doesn’t last. Reasonableness is the answer to all of that.

There are all kinds of easy, small steps you can take — in a variety of areas — that will lead you toward wellness. Epigenetics tells us that the changes we can make include not only standard practices such as nutrition, but also areas such as stress. Read even more about what matters: How You Can Change Your Genes and Change Your Life.

So, what do you do to make sure you’re giving your cells a great chance to mirror health? You implement the lifestyle changes that matter. Piece by piece, you turn those genetic tendencies around. The areas that accomplish this are well boosted via these core building blocks: 9 building blocks that create wellness.

What helps is that nearly all of these overlap in various ways. When you make progress in addressing the stress in your life, for example, you’ve also improved various other building blocks of health. Even better news is that there are plenty of ways to enhance each area. You don’t have to be locked into one way. There is YOUR way, and that’s the best one for you. It’ll feel easier; you’ll enjoy it more; and, best of all, it will more easily remain part of your lifestyle instead of a temporary excursion into a too-difficult attempt to be more well.

You can do it. Honestly, you can. Don’t let anything stop you. Start today. Start soon. Change one thing. Change another. Soon enough, you’ll realize how much better you’re feeling. That insight alone will help light a fire so you look forward to taking more steps to ensure your life will be geared toward wellness instead of filled with illness and restriction.

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Need help building a healthy lifestyle you’ll also enjoy that will keep you pointed in the direction of wellness? Learn more at: Wellness Reinvented. Wellness feels good. So does our approach to it.


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