Relieve Dry Eyes From the Inside Out

Life has enough irritating factors to contend with without irritated eyes, wouldn't you agree?

If you're tired of fumbling for eye drops all the time to relieve your dry, itchy eyes, you’re probably going to love this news.

Why? Because recent research has found that an extract from the maqui berry can provide eye lubrication from the inside out. That's right - better eye lubrication without using eye drops.

Maqui is a Chilean blackberry that contains an abundance of beneficial compounds, including ellagic acid.1

How Maqui Relieves Dry Eyes

It’s hard to imagine something taken orally helping with the moisture of our eyes. Even so, maqui has proven that it can improve eye comfort by addressing the cause of dry eyes.2

After researchers evaluated the effects of maqui, they found that its active compounds (anthocyanins) known as delphinidins have two paramount mechanisms of action.3

1. Protect delicate photoreceptor cells from damage.
2. Shield structures in the eye from exposure to harmful reactive oxygen species.

These mechanisms work synergistically to guard the lacrimal glands from injury so that they can sufficiently produce tears.4 Additionally, maqui prevented the development of cornea scarring and clouding, which is a common occurrence after prolonged periods of eye dryness.

Human Study Proves Maqui’s Eye Lubricating Effects

Getting to the nitty gritty—where's the proof? Studies are good, but human studies are even better.

An impressive study in which subjects with moderately dry eyes took maqui extract showed an approximately 50% improvement in tear production after only 30 days.2

As the symptoms of dry eyes can impede on the enjoyment of life activities, another notable statistic from the same study is the 72% improvement in “dry eye-related quality of life score” tests after 60 days.

Why Maqui Wins Over Eye Drops

Some people are fine with administering eye drops throughout the day, which is totally fine, of course. However, the studies on maqui extract show that it can provide ease of symptoms with only one dose a day, which is more convenient for most of our hectic lives.

Also, while sometimes providing symptomatic relief, eye drops can often be irritating due to the preservatives that they contain.

However, what is more concerning is that some of these drops contain an ingredient called tetrahydrozoline that can have damaging effects on the cornea, which can impair the eye’s ability to focus.5

The Bottom Line

Contact lens wearers, LASIK patients, individuals who spend hours in front of a computer monitor, those in arid or polluted environments, postmenopausal women, or any others who experience dry eyes may wish to try supplementing with maqui to relieve their unpleasant symptoms.

Let us know how it works for you!


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