Recipe: Turmeric Root Milk

Elana Amsterdam

I love cooking, and to that end, I find it incredibly fun to concoct different flavors of homemade nut milk. There are so many possibilities for delicious dairy-free nut-milks.

This Golden Turmeric Root Milk is both inspiringly beautiful with its bright orange-golden hue, and incredibly healthy.

It's a fabulous nut milk that makes a wonderful dairy alternative.

What Is Turmeric?

But let’s back up a minute! What is turmeric? It is a root that has brown skin and orange colored flesh. It looks a lot like ginger root. Its flavor is slightly bitter and delicately spicy.

Turmeric has incredible anti-inflammatory properties due to a substance it contains called curcumin. Turmeric powder, made from the turmeric root, is a bright yellow spice used for cooking in curries and other dishes, and has long been a component of Ayurvedic medicine. Now, curcumin is a popular supplement, shown to support the immune system and improve digestive function.

Like another one of my favorite functional foods, dandelion root, turmeric is thought to aid in detoxifying the liver. I often pair this dairy-free nut milk with my Dandelion Root Coffee to get a double dose of liver cleansing goodness into my day.

Turmeric Root Milk contains only four ingredients and is easy to make. There is no need to peel the skin from the turmeric root or ginger root. That would only create more work in the kitchen, produce waste, and deprive the recipe of valuable nutrients.

If you’d like a sweeter milk, but do not wish to consumer sugar, try adding stevia to this nut-milk recipe. If you don’t care for stevia, feel free to blend in a bit of honey or maple syrup to taste. Store your Turmeric Root Milk in the refrigerator. It will last 2-3 days.

You can buy fresh turmeric root at some health food stores, but it is not always regularly stocked or easy to find.

If you are too timid to make homemade Turmeric Root Milk, you may want to try taking turmeric in supplement form as it’s an incredibly healing substance.

Recipe: Turmeric Root Milk


  • 1 cup almonds
  • ¼ cup turmeric root, sliced
  • 1 tablespoon ginger, sliced

  1. Soak almonds overnight
  2. Discard soaking water and rinse almonds in a deep bowl of water, repeat until water runs clear
  3. Place soaked almonds, 2 cups water, turmeric root, and ginger root in a Vitamix
  4. Blend on high speed for 60 seconds
  5. Strain milk through a nut milk bag, save pulp to make cookies or crackers
  6. Serve and enjoy!
Makes 5 cups turmeric root milk

About The Author

Elana Amsterdam is the author of the New York Times Best Selling cookbook Paleo Cooking from Elana’s Pantry. She gave up grains over a decade ago in 2001 and is known as a pioneer in grain-free cooking and baking, tempting foodies everywhere with her incredibly simple, yet flavorful recipes for dynamic, vibrantly healthy food. 



Life Extension said...

Rui de Castro- Glad you enjoyed it! :)

NWTCCA said...

To get the best effect turmeric should be cooked for a while in the presence of oil of any kind. Pepper should be added. I learned to make Golden Milk which used almond oil, milk and turmeric plus honey for sweetening back in the 70s from Yogi Bahjan's group.

Life Extension said...

NWTCCA- Interesting! Thanks for the tip!

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