5 Herbs for Hormone Balance

Maylin Rodriguez-Paez RN

All women (young and old) can actually experience hormonal-related symptoms.

If you’re moody prior to your period, have difficulty sleeping, experience night sweats, or occasionally suffer from painful breasts, you may be suffering from a hormone imbalance yourself. 

Below is a rundown of some powerful herbs that have been clinically shown to alleviate hormone-related ailments.

Chasteberry for Menstrual Problems

Used originally by monks to suppress their libido (although there is no evidence to support this), the use of chasteberry goes back hundreds of years.

Chasteberry normalizes the menstrual cycle by increasing progesterone levels.1 In addition, it has been shown to alleviate anxiety, prevent acne breakouts, and restore fertility.2-3

Hops for Hot Flashes

Popularly used to make beer, hops contain one of the strongest plant estrogens known. This can benefit women who are nearing menopause and have troubling symptoms as a result.

According to clinical studies, hop extracts help relieve hot flashes and they maintain bone health in menopausal women.4-5

Look for products that contain 8-prenylnaringenin or 8-PN. It’s the active ingredient shown to have a therapeutic effect.

Ginkgo Biloba for PMS

A significant amount of women suffer from PMS. Research shows ginkgo biloba may help.

In a clinical trial, women given ginkgo extract experienced improvements in fluid retention, breast tenderness, and mood.6

Red Clover for Menopause Symptoms

Red clover is a source of isoflavones, plant-based compounds that have estrogenic effects in the human body.

In research studies, red clover has been shown to alleviate sleep difficulties, cognitive problems, and hot flashes associated with menopause.7

Pine bark for cramps

Horrible menstrual cramps may rival the pain of labor. Why suffer when there are herbs that can actually help?

In a study, women experiencing painful cramps were able to take less pain medication while supplementing with French maritime pine extract. The analgesic effect persisted even after the extract was discontinued.8

French maritime pine extract has anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic effects, which could help to explain its pain-relieving action.9


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