16 Ways to Detox your Home

Maylin Rodriguez-Paez RN

Toxins are man-made or natural compounds capable of producing disease. They may cause cancer, damage organs, and interrupt hormone function.

The average home contains toxins which may put you and your family at risk. And the sources are not always so obvious.

Below we’ve listed some tips that can make your home a safer, greener space

1. Make your home a no-shoe zone

This can reduce the amount of pesticides, toxins, and dust that is brought into your house from the outside.

2. Ventilate your home frequently

Indoor pollution is often much higher than outdoor pollution. Carpets, walls, and even upholstered furniture can release toxic fumes (off-gas) into the air.

3. Wash your hands before eating

This can help to remove any toxic residue on your skin including dust and household chemicals.

4. Use water filters for your showers

They can reduce the amount of chlorine and chlorinated byproducts that can get onto your skin.

5. Opt for furniture made of wood and avoid particle board pieces

They are usually made with cancer-causing formaldehyde.

6. Toss out the store-bought air fresheners

Most release toxic, hormone-disrupting phthalates into the air.

7. Use low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) paint

VOCs are linked to immunological problems, blood disorders, asthma, and bronchitis.1

8. Test your water for lead

Most homes built prior to the 1980s were built with lead pipes.

9. Cook with ceramic, stainless steel, cast-iron or copper pots

Non-stick pans containing Teflon® may release cancer-causing chemicals such as perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA).2

10. Store food in stainless steel or glass containers rather than plastic

Most plastics contain BPA, a hormone disruptor.

11. Use cold water to rinse produce

This helps to prevent lead from leaching out of lead pipes.

12. Decorate your home with detoxing house plants

They remove compounds such as formaldehyde from the air. The Spider Plant, English Ivy, and the Peace Lily are a few good choices.

13. Remove dust from your home

Dust is a reservoir for many toxins including BPA, pesticides, and even fire retardants.

14. Stop using antibacterial soaps

Most contain triclosan, an antimicrobial linked to hormone imbalances.

15. Choose natural fiber shower curtains instead of PVC

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) shower curtains can off-gas VOCs.

16. Avoid products treated with flame retardants

Flame retardants are typically found in furniture, electronics, and baby products and are liked to developmental problems.3, 4 Tightly woven wool resists ignition and burns slowly.


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FoxLondon said...

I think we should all start thinking about nature. If we want to detox our homes we should start using naturally products. I'm using mostly eco-friendly cleaning products like baking soda and vinegar,which work as good as the other detergents.

Life Extension said...

FoxLondon - Awesome! Thanks for letting us know!

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