Supplement Consumers Rate Us #1 in Four Categories

By Michael A. Smith, MD

In a crowded and competitive industry, consumer opinion about quality and satisfaction reigns supreme. And in a survey conducted by, of 10,260 supplement users, Life Extension ranked number one as a catalog and online merchant, along with being awarded a number one ranking on satisfaction to three of our product categories: multivitamins, fish oil and CoQ10. Thank you, newsletter subscribers!

We’re incredibly honored to be ranked the top catalog and online dietary supplement merchant. These are rapidly growing segments of our industry and we’re totally committed to staying at the top. We’re especially excited about our expanding online presence and the opportunities we have to educate more and more people about our mission to expand the healthy human life span.

Now onto our foundational supplements, three of which also received a number one ranking. As we discussed in our blog post on building a supplement pyramid, a successful regimen begins and ends with core foundational supplements. It seems that consumers in the survey really like our foundational products, which means a lot to us. Below we’ll take a quick look at each one.

A Multivitamin is Nature’s Life Support System

Our multivitamins ranked number one in consumer satisfaction. This is truly significant, considering how many multivitamins are currently on the market. Here’s what we think separates our multivitamins from the pack.

First is our dosing. We follow what is called optimal dosing — a dosing system that’s all about optimal health, not just protection from diseases of deficiencies.

A second reason is the comprehensive nature of our multivitamins. Not only do you get every vitamin and mineral you need, but they are provided in the optimal forms. This allows for the best absorption and overall benefit.

Tickers Keep Ticking with Omega-3 Fats

Our omega-3 fish oil products also received a number one ranking from consumers. We’re extremely happy with this ranking, considering the time and effort that goes into producing several high-quality omega-3 oils. We’ve placed a lot of emphasis on marketing quality omega-3 oils since the early 1990’s when we recognized a deadly trend in the American diet: too many omega-6 fats and not nearly enough omega-3s.

Omega-3 fats help to ease inflammation and support heart and brain health. Those are pretty important things to take care of as we age. However, research is showing that it’s even better to add olive fruit extracts to fish oils.

Could this be why consumers ranked our fish oils so high? We remain the only major company to combine both oils in one awesome product.

Cells Need CoQ10 to Function

The number one ranking for our CoQ10 products proves one thing: Innovation pays off. We funded researchers involved in developing the highly absorbable ubiquinol CoQ10 and two years ago we added the adaptogen Shilajit for improved delivery of CoQ10 into the mitochondria. And that’s exactly where you want the CoQ10 to go … to your mitochondria.

Why? Because your mitochondria are your cells’ energy powerhouses, and CoQ10 is an essential component of healthy mitochondrial function. CoQ10 is required to convert the energy from fats and sugars into usable cellular energy. Yet the body’s production of CoQ10 declines significantly with advancing age.1,2

Listen, if your cells can’t make energy then they can’t function. Things will begin to break down and fail pretty quickly without energy. This is why we consider CoQ10 an essential supplement.

Thousands of Consumers Can’t Be Wrong

The Survey is based on responses from serious supplement users. In fact, a quarter of them report using 10 or more supplements daily. To have such a group of experienced consumers rank three of our products number one, we think is very cool.

Thanks again to’s newsletter subscribers and to people like you who’ve helped us earn our place on the map!


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