How to Control Your Appetite when Dieting

By Michael A. Smith, MD

There are a number of reasons why diets fail. We actually covered three of them in our previous blog post, 3 Big, Fat Reasons Why Popular Weight Loss Diets Fail. But on a more individualized note, dieters almost unanimously claim that the reason weight-loss diets fail them is this: they get hungry.

All diets basically do one thing: decrease your calorie intake. This loss of energy input initiates several counter-measures in your body to make up for the loss of energy. Of course, one of those counter-measures is increasing your appetite.

So why does your body counter your dieting efforts? Because your body doesn’t want to lose weight — it wants to stay the same. So when you mess with the status quo by dieting, your body will do whatever it can to counter this and get back to what it perceives as “normal.” So then, how can we prevent the inevitable increase in appetite that comes with dieting?

African Mango Helps Control Appetite

Extracts of Irvingia gabonensis, commonly known as African mango, can help control your appetite when you go on a diet. It works by directing an important appetite hormone called leptin to your brain. Once in the brain, leptin acts as a signal that tells your brain that you’re full and you can stop eating.

But there’s a problem. Overweight and obese people develop leptin resistance. Basically, this is when leptin is prevented from entering the brain and can’t complete its job as an appetite signal. So why does this happen? One word: inflammation.

Inflammation is characterized by a rise in inflammatory proteins, like CRP. These proteins bind to leptin, preventing its transport into the brain. As it turns out, carrying around too much weight in and of itself increases inflammation and causes leptin resistance. And easing inflammation with nutrients like fish oils, although helpful, won’t completely break the resistance. We need more help.

This is where Irvingia comes into play and can make a difference since it has been shown to break leptin resistance. One study showed that obese people taking an Irvingia extract significantly lowered their leptin blood levels. This is a sure sign that leptin production is dropping because it’s finally getting into the brain.

Irvingia Can Make Your Diet Actually Work

Here’s a common but not necessarily universal scenario: You start a diet. You lose weight initially. But at some point — maybe 1 month or 2 months in — you start getting hungry. The sugary food cravings intensify with each passing day, tempting you to cheat. Sound familiar?

If it does, than Irvingia is something you should check out. By breaking leptin resistance and controlling appetite, you have a better chance sticking with your diet during tempting moments. Simply put, if hunger is your enemy, Irvingia can give you a fighting chance.

But there’s even more good news about Irvingia …

Irvingia Can Lead to Significant Weight Loss

Irvingia won’t just help your diet work; it will also facilitate further weight loss. Based on consistent findings showing multiple beneficial effects of Irvingia, a large study was conducted on overweight and obese participants over a 10-week period.

Participants were randomly divided in two groups, one that received Irvingia extract (150 mg twice daily), and one that was given a placebo while maintaining the same diet and amount of physical exercise.1 The average weight loss for the Irvingia group was more than 20 pounds!

What Can Irvingia Do for You?

Just imagine what Irvingia can do for you while on the Atkins Diet or the Raw Food Diet or the South Beach Diet. By helping to control your appetite when dieting, Irvingia may just be that extra push you need to lose weight and keep it off.


  1. Lipids Health Dis. 2009 Mar 2; 8:7.


lose weight in a week said...

Thanks for sharing this great health related blog.It will be helpfull for me..

Diyan said...

I agree that hunger is one of the main reasons that can cause a diet (lower in calories) to fail. This is one of the problems I'm struggling too. As for the appetite suppressing qualities of Irvingia or African mango, this is a new information to me, and I'm eager to try it out, to see whether it will work for me. Thanks for your post.

Jaezl said...

where can i buy irvingia? please, anyone?

peter - how to diet said...

Thanx - will go do some homework...

When I dropped my weight, I did so in shorter spurts - cutting all sugar out for about a month at a time.

So I never got to the point where cravings became a problem.

But for someone who wants to get stuck in and not stop before they reach their goal weight, I can see this being a problem. said...

Muscle loss during weight loss can be restricted by regularly lifting weights and by maintaining sufficient protein intake. Thanks for sharing.

duodenal switch said...

Yea, i agree with you. It is a major problem for dieting. Control our daily food when we eat. Decreased calorie must be needed. Thanks a lot.

LifeExtension said...

duodenal switch - You're quite welcome!

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