If You Snooze – You Lose... more Body-Fat!

By John Lustyan

Maintaining Healthy Blood PressureIn the battle to lose weight, fighting busy schedules, high-fat processed foods, artificial sweeteners that slow your metabolism and eating on the run, you have an ally... Sleep!

If you’d like to reduce your waist size and the appetite that feeds it, some extra sleep could mean better and faster results. A new study cited in the Annals of Internal Medicine researching the impact of sleep on dieters, getting the same calories and physical activity. It showed an equal weight loss but 55% more of that loss was body fat for those with 8.5 hours of sleep vs. the group that slept for 5.5 hours each night, in which lost more lean muscle mass.

A primary factor was the correlation between sleep and appetite. The findings indicate that two hunger-related hormones, ghrelin and leptin, are directly impacted by sleep. The less you sleep, the greater the hormone levels the hungrier you get.

Additionally, inadequate sleep does not allow for the body to sufficiently, reenergize itself and its metabolism slows down. The body then looks for existing fuel sources to satisfy its energy requirements. The easiest of these to burn are usually carbohydrates and lean muscle protein... not excess fat. This study found that approximately 60% more lean muscle was consumed by those sleeping only 5.5 hours a night.

The actual study performed at the University of Chicago's General Clinical Resource Center was limited in size to 10 people and in duration to 14 days, prompting the need for more research... yet, it does add to the mounting data supporting numerous health issues and conditions resulting from inadequate sleep.

You Can Lose Unwanted Fat... and Keep It Off!

As we age, our bodies are programmed to accumulate excess body fat. There is no single cause. On the contrary, multiple obesity factors predispose us to this age-induced weight gain. The encouraging news is that proven methods exist to correct these obesity inducers. You will not find them, however, in a single pill or brought on by a single effort like getting adequate sleep.

When it comes to weight loss, mainstream medicine has recommended "diet and exercise" for so long that this phrase has become more of a cliché than any kind of momentous discovery. Diet fads, foods, drinks, programs and drugs have become a multi-billion dollar industry delivering a varying loss of weight... which typically, is all gained back within the first 6-12 months.

Finally... there is science that reveals why the traditional approach to weight loss of calorie reduction and increased physical activity don’t work as we age... and how to easily lose and keep off excess body fat.

Years of research conducted and analyzed by Life Extension® resulted in having identified 9 specific factors working within our bodies that promote the unhealthy gain and retention of weight as we age.

Each is clearly discussed in a new publication, the Life Extension® Weight Loss Guide. It is the first and only book to uncover all age-related obesity factors and provide practical solutions anyone can use to correct them.

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* Annals of Internal Medicine, October 5, 2010 vol. 153 no. 7 435-441


Jarret said...

This sleep study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine was pretty interesting. Obesity rates are rising and Americans, unfortunately, are still leading the world in that department. Other recent studies have connected obesity to employment since many modern jobs involve less physical activity during the day than in the past.

Anonymous said...

Sleep really makes a difference in how much energy I feel like I have and helps determine my attitude, good report :

Derek said...

I work as a trainer and this is great info for those who ask how they can loss those last 10 lbs!

Mark Johnson said...

Sleep should be everyones ally against fat, in their battles for weight loss. It seems modern employment leads to such lethargic culture, but somehow forgo on sleep. Maybe too much TV and other technology could have something to do with it?


Mark C

Life Extension said...

Hi Mark. Studies have shown that electronics can disrupt normal cortisol and melatonin balance, which is needed for quality sleep.

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