How to Protect Against Breast Cancer From Hormone Replacement

Hormone replacement therapy with synthetic estrogen and progesterone increases the risk for breast cancer. What's really scary is that your risk remains high even after you stop treatment. But there's good news...a common cooking spice may offer some protection against this dreaded disease.

Breast Cancer & Hormone Replacement

Traditional hormone replacement uses synthetic forms of estrogen and progesterone that are non-biological, or not identical, to human hormones. The synthetic hormones are chemically different and can disrupt normal breast cell metabolism leading to cancer.

The Women's Health Initiative study of estrogen and progestin in healthy women was stopped early when researchers found an increased risk of developing cancer from the hormones. But it gets worse.

Stopping therapy may not reduce the risk. If you're a breast cancer survivor and you took hormones to relieve menopause symptoms you're three times more likely to develop a recurrence of the cancer.

So how can you protect yourself if you took non-biological hormones? The answer is the turmeric spice.

Protect with Turmeric

Scientists at the University of Missouri concluded that curcumin, the active compound in turmeric, could prevent cancer in women who took the synthetic hormones. It slows tumor growth and reduces the overall incidence. Animal studies demonstrated that the spice stops the synthetic hormones from releasing cancer-promoting growth factors into healthy breast tissue.

The researchers concluded that, "...exposure to [synthetic hormones] will predispose a large number of postmenopausal women to future tumor development. The results of our study show that women could potentially take curcumin to protect themselves from developing [breast cancer]."

There are additional health benefits attributed to turmeric spice beyond breast health. It's a potent antioxidant, it reduces inflammation, it degrades chemical toxins, and it promotes normal cell growth throughout the body.

But there is a problem...turmeric is poorly absorb into the bloodstream. The conventional products don't work because most of the spice never reaches the blood. You end up taking large doses which can get expensive. However, an advanced formulation with greater absorption was developed by a top biotechnology company.

Advanced Curcumin Formulation

The biotechnology company, Dolcas-Biotech, developed a "super" formula that absorbs up to seven times better than conventional products. Studies show that one 400 mg capsule a day results in blood levels equal to ingesting 2,500mg of conventional turmeric products. Not only does it result in higher blood levels, but the new formula remains active in the bloodstream almost twice as long.

Talk to your doctor about turmeric. If you need it, find a product that uses the advanced formula with the trademark name "BCM-95 Super Bio-Curcumin®" clearly printed on the label. Make sure each capsule provides 400 mg that is standardized to 95%.

If you have ever taken synthetic (non-biological) hormones, protect against breast cancer by supplementing daily with curcumin. The October 2007 Life Extension magazine has a must read article titled, A Novel Turmeric Compound. I strongly suggest that you read it now.


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