Low Vitamin D Causes Early Bone Aging

By Michael A. Smith, MD

We’ve suspected for a long time that vitamin D deficiencies can reduce the creation of new bone mass. Now, new research is showing that low vitamin D levels can induce the premature aging of existing bone – making it more brittle and prone to fracture.

In a study, researchers compared bone obtained from 15 normal individuals and 15 men and women with deficient serum vitamin D levels of less than 20 ng/ml.

They were looking for changes on the surface of bone consistent with impaired bone remodeling – called osteoidosis. Normal bone remodeling, which is a cycle of bone breakdown and repair, is necessary for preserving healthy bones as we age.

The researchers found that low vitamin D is associated with impaired remodeling (osteoidosis). Further testing revealed that osteoidosis associated with low vitamin D increased the initiation of bone cracks by 31% and growth of the cracks by 22%.

This means that reversing a vitamin D deficiency is important not just for preserving bone mass, but also for protecting bones from premature aging.

Watch our own Dr. Michael Smith explain in the short video below:




Stephen in DeLand said...

I'd to know how much is being allocated to further research on vitamin D, because I have read such a wide range of articles that have something to do with new findings related to vitamin D. So not only could a vitamin D deficiency play a role in the development of autoimmune disease, but also lead to compromised bone structure. It truly is incredible.

Life Extension said...

Stephen in DeLand - Vitamin D does all that and more!

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