A Powerful Combination for Joint Health

By Michael A. Smith, MD

Did you know that the typical American diet consists of foods that can actually destroy joints? Foods like eggs, red meat, poultry, cheeses and dairy products all contain the pro-inflammatory compound Arachidonic acid.

Scientific studies show that excess Arachidonic acid increases levels of a specific inflammatory enzyme called 5-lipoxygenase or 5-LOX. Increasing the activity of 5-LOX can result in the accumulation of pro-inflammatory compounds that can affect many parts of your body, including your joints.1

For several years now, the supplement industry has been educating people on how to ease joint inflammation and protect joint function – something conventional doctors ignore. Most doctors believe that there’s nothing we can do to maintain joint health throughout our lives. We completely disagree.

Let’s take a look at what we believe to be the key elements for maintaining healthy joints.

Your Joints Hurt Because You DON’T Exercise

We hear things like this all the time: “I can’t exercise because my joints hurt.” Unfortunately, these people have it completely backwards. Our joints hurt because we DON’T exercise. So, the question really should be this: what type of exercise is best for my joints?

Muscle toning exercises, believe it or not, are fantastic for joint health. Strong muscles around a joint actually add strength to the joint itself. One great way to strengthen muscles is with resistance exercise, specifically using resistance bands.

The best thing about resistance bands is that they can be done anywhere, even while sitting at your office desk. All resistance band exercises should be performed slowly and with lots of control throughout the entire range of motion of the joint. Begin with the band at the start of tension and as you flex the muscle group, the band’s tension and resistance increases.

When you reach full flexion, extend the muscles around the joint just as slowly as you flexed them. The trick here is to flex and extend your joints slowly. When you get stronger, you can simply shorten the band’s length to increase its tension. One great website that demonstrates the different exercises that can be done with resistance bands can be found at the Sport Injury Clinic.

Now since you’re going to start toning and strengthening muscle, you should consider taking a comprehensive joint formula as well. Let’s take a look at our joint formula called Arthromax™.

Arthromax™ Eases Joint Inflammation with Boswellia

Up until recently, Arthromax™ used a compound from Boswellia called AKBA to inhibit the 5-LOX enzyme2. But there was a problem that we had to address…Boswellia extract didn’t absorb very well.

Well, there’s a new Boswellia AKBA extract on the market called AprèsFLEX™. The makers of the new extract retain the natural oils in the sap of the Boswellia tree which helps AKBA absorb better – up to 52% better3. This translates into healthier joints for people that supplement with Arthromax™.

Easing joint inflammation by inhibiting 5-LOX is a major first step toward protecting your joints. However, another problem people face is maintaining healthy levels of collagen, the main component of their joint cartilage. As we get older, it becomes harder and harder to maintain both of them.

Well, AprèsFLEX™ helps in this department too. By inhibiting the enzyme that degrades collagen, AprèsFLEX™ preserves the cartilage surrounding the bones and improves joint function and mobility. So with AprèsFLEX™ you can ease joint inflammation AND maintain healthy levels of collagen.

Arthromax™ Contains Natural Collagen

Undenatured – or natural – type II collagen – is exactly what is needed for proper joint health and function. The natural collagen we use in our newest Arthromax™ product is called UC-II.

UC-II® is supported by human clinical studies and has been shown to promote joint flexibility and mobility by helping the body maintain healthy levels of collagen and joint cartilage.4,5

So as you can see, Arthromax is a really comprehensive product. It contains several joint support nutrients, all with quality research backing them up. Here’s a quick summary of each ingredient:

  • The first ingredient is Glucosamine, which is derived from corn. It’s well known to support the underlying structural foundation of joints.
  • Second on the label is the AprèsFLEX™, the powerful 5-LOX inhibitor for easing joint inflammation.
  • Next up is the UC-II®. This supports joint cartilage and promotes joint flexibility.
  • The last ingredient listed is the trace mineral boron. Boron is essential to healthy bones and joints.
We all agree that a key component of longevity is staying active. But we also know that staying active depends on healthy joints. This is where our new Arthromax™ formula can help. So now that you know, consider getting yourself some … and get yourself moving again!


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Anonymous said...

My knees pop all the time when I walk but it doesn't hurt. would this help with that?

Life Extension said...

Anonymous, we suggest speaking with your doctor first. A good physical exam might be in order. With that said, this product is designed to support joint health. Thanks.

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