Weight Loss Emergency

Do you have a weight loss emergency and need to burn fat fast? If so, the following 3 easy steps provide a safe and effective way to lose weight fast:

1. Control Calories by Breaking Leptin Resistance

2. Burn Fat with Adiponectin

3. Burn More Calories at Rest

Step 1: Control Calories by Breaking Leptin Resistance

To resolve a weight loss emergency you must first control calorie intake. Unfortunately, dieting alone may not be enough. The human body's calorie control hormone is called leptin. Leptin, made by fat cells, signals the brain when you're full. With age, we become leptin resistant and overeat.

The first step for any weight loss emergency is to break leptin resistance. Think of this as controlling calories at the brain level. The West African plant, Irvingia gabonensis, is the only known way to get leptin to the brain and prevent overeating.

In a peer-reviewed clinical study, obese subjects taking 150 mg twice a day of Irvingia lost on average an amazing 28 pounds in just 10 weeks!

Step 2: Burn Fat with Adiponectin

Adiponectin is the fat burning hormone. It initiates a cascade of metabolic reactions that quickly turns stored body fat into energy. Unfortunately, most of us are deficient in adiponectin and don't burn stored body fat very effectively.

To resolve a weight loss emergency, the second step is to increase blood levels of adiponectin.

Not only does Irvingia gabonensis result in amazing weight loss, but also significantly increases adiponectin blood levels. In the same study, obese subjects taking Irvingia quadrupled adiponectin blood levels and lost a whopping 18% of body fat.

Step 3: Burn More Calories at Rest

The last step for weight loss emergencies is to burn more calories at rest. The resting metabolic rate (RMR) is the number of calories you burn do nothing. It keeps all vital organs working and keeps you alive.

To burn more calories at rest and lose weight fast, try the following supplements:

  1. Fucoxanthin (a brown seed weed) -- 600 mg/day

  2. Tea Slender (a new more powerful green tea extract) -- 300 mg/day

  3. 7-Keto-DHEA (a hormone metabolite) -- 100 mg/day

That's it...3 easy steps for any weight loss emergency.

To learn more about innovative dieting strategies, read this great article, Pillars of Successful Weight Loss, published by Life Extension.



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