How to Finally Stop Low Back Pain

Low back pain, according to the National Institutes of Health, afflicts 31 million people. The American Chiropractic Association recently published 5 interesting facts:

  1. 50% of Americans admit to having low back pain each year.

  2. It's one of the most common reasons for missed work.

  3. Most cases are mechanical in nature.

  4. The US spends $50 billion each year on low back pain.

  5. 80% of the population will experience a back problem.

Traditional medicine has failed miserably to effectively treat and resolve low back pain. Prescription drugs only mask the pain and surgery just doesn't work. Millions of Americans are simply left to suffer. But there is hope!

A recent review of three alternative therapies, conducted at the Oregon Health and Science University, revealed some promising results. Here's a summary of the review:


Prolotherapy is a simple, natural technique that stimulates the body to repair damaged joints and connective tissues. A pro-inflammatory substance is injected into the affected area, which leads to local inflammation.

The localized inflammation triggers a wound healing cascade, resulting in the deposition of new collagen, the material that ligaments and tendons are made of.

Prolotherapy has the potential of being 100% effective at stopping low back pain. Speaking with Life Extension members who have tried prolotherapy, I am convinced it's a very safe and effective alternative to traditional therapies.

Radiofrequency Denervation

Radiofrequency denervation uses electrical currents to deactivate the nerves responsible for the pain. Essentially, the nerves are "paralyzed" and stop emitting pain signals to the brain. The most common side effect is soreness in the area where the needles were placed.

The results from clinical trials have been mixed, at best. However, in my opinion, radiofrequency denervation works great providing lasting pain relief.

Supplements for Reducing Low Back Pain

Chronic use of prescription pain-killers for low back pain is dangerous and not very effective. Instead, try supplementing with the following nutrients for controlling the pain. I have found them to work quite well without side effects.

  1. Tart Cherry Extract -- 1500 mg/day

  2. 5-Loxin (an extract from the Boswellia plant) -- 75 mg/day

  3. White Willow bark (nature's aspirin) -- 200 mg/day

For additional information, read Relief of Chronic Back Pain publiched by Life Extension.


Anonymous said...

Hello, when will LEF sell White Willow bark (nature's aspirin) -- 200 mg/day?

LifeExtension said...

Anonymous - Our customer service department can help your inquiry. Give them a call at 1-800-544-4440.


BackPainHC said...

Focusing on proper posture while at work can eliminate many problems.

Admin said...

Prolotherapy is a new techniques we used to eliminated back pain,
Here are some facts:
• Nearly 95% of all back pain occurs in a small six-by-four inch area in the lower spine and what can be done about it.
• No matter what the diagnosis, the underlying cause for your Back Pain is likely weakened ligaments in your spine.
• Of the high success rate for Prolotherapy and back pain and what type of hope Prolotherapy can offer.
• About referral patterns of pain, ie why ankle, knee, leg, or groin pain, numbness , and restlessness may actually be caused back ligament injury.

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